Machinery Monitoring System’s Sentinel®-CPM (Compressor Performance Monitor) was designed to provide “Real Time Compressor Health and Safety Monitoring”. Calculations, including Horsepower, Rod Loads, Theoretical Temperatures, and Flows, utilizing ACI’s state-of-the-art eRCM Kernel calculations and algorithms that are tailored to the individual machine.

Sentinel – CPM Key Features

  • Real time measurements and alarming of rod loads and degrees of reversal
  • Automated leak detection of suction & discharge valves, rings and packing
  • eRCM Kernel enhanced with MMS real time compressor performance calcs
  • Changeable Usernames, Encrypted Passwords and Multi-Factor Authentication per TSA mandates
  • Continuous monitoring of up to 6 double-acting compressor cylinders (up to 10 cylinders w/ an additional CPM module
  • 12 pressure sensor inputs
  • 2 Magnetic Pickup inputs (TDC & Deg)
  • MODBUS (RS-485 & Ethernet) communication
  • Class I, Division 2 rating pending
  • Alarm Relay – Dry contacts
Sentinel®- CPM

Sentinel – CPM Calculations

  • Cylinder-End HPs
  • Suction/Discharge Pressures
  • Suction/Discharge VEs
  • Rod Reversal/Loads
  • Theoretical Discharge Temperatures
  • Flows & Flow Balances
  • Flow Profile Algorithm
  • OEM Methods and Limits Used
  • Theoretical PV Cards
  • Calculated Clearances
  • Interstage Pressure Predictions
  • Gas Leakage Rates

Screen image – data capture (ACI eRCM software)
Real-time compressor health and safety monitoring
Sentinel – CPM in cabinet